We're Toronto's Clothing Library

We're just like the Toronto Public Library, instead of books we lend out spectacular high quality clothing for less cost than one piece of fast fashion.

How do you get involved?

Membership it free! Simply book an appointment (by filling out the form below) with one of our stylists. Then come by our studio at 149 Lindsey Ave., Toronto ON, on the day of your appointment and leave with a dress. 

View our inventory here!

How much does it cost to rent?

Garment rentals begin at $25 (average is $35), Accessory rentals begin at $5 (average is $5). 

Rental period is 7 days. 

Stylist appointment costs $20/hr after the first half hour (ie. the first half hour is on us!). 

Where do I sign up?

Fill out the form below and tell us a bit about what you'd like to rent. One of our stylists will pull garments based on your preferences then you get the red carpet treatment. 

Name *
Tell us some basic info about your rental: (1) WHAT's the event and WHEN is it? (2) What's your dress/garment SIZE? (3) What's your HEIGHT and WAIST measurement? (4) Garment, colour, cut preference? (5) Please provide some DATES & TIMES you are available to meet (All appointments are held at our offices at 720 Bathurst Street).