Wardrobe Styling

Our team of stylists will work with you to achieve your goal whether it's a change, new inspiration or some good ol' fun. 

Each styling session includes a 

  1. a pre-consultation questionnaire

  2. one-on-one in-home styling with an expert stylist

  3. a follow-up Lookbook filled with notes and pictures from our session, so you spend the entire session arm deep in clothing, having fun and still be prepared the next time you want to step out looking your best, and

  4. contact with your stylist for a full 30 days after your session

Book us for a session: stylist@pretapreter.ca


Dressing for your Body Type: If you're in a transition or feel your clothes don't express the woman you truly are, this is for you. We begin by reviewing your body's strongest assets. Next we'll teach you tricks that accentuate your assets, as well as cuts, fits & patterns to avoid. Finally we dive into your closet and create looks from your wardrobe so you can begin dressing your best immediately, and suggest pieces to add your wardrobe to help you find more value in the clothing you already own. Afterwards, we'll send you images of style icons with your similar frame for you to draw inspiration.

This session is $80 + HST and is 1.5 hours


Inspire Your Style: We often forget that clothing is our visual business card. If your wardrobe hasn't changed in years,  it's time to take some fresh eyes to your style, because you certainly have changed over the years. We focus on injecting you closet with inspiration. We begin with your personal and professional goals. Your stylist will review current fashion trends and with you develop ways to bring these trends into everyday life. Then we jump into your wardrobe and begin finding and pairing pieces that express this inspiration, and recommend some garments to add help you achieve your new look. Afterwards we'll send you images of style icons that emulate your new style, to help you keep the inspiration. 

This session is $80 + HST and is 1.5 hours


Step Into You: If you're ready for a reset & recharge or entering a new chapter, dress it to your full self-expression. We'll assess your body type as well as update your look, a combination of the above two sessions. Afterwards, we will suggest designers and style icons for you to watch, and recommend some garments to add to your wardrobe and help you achieve your new look. 

This session is $120 + HST and is 2+ hours.


We love talking fashion and understand what it takes to look and feel your best.